The NCL lighting hospital is about fixing problems. We know that things go wrong or costs get out of control. We have a long track record within our team of experts forming years of experience in the lighting arena and as such can get to solutions quickly and honestly based on real experience and insight.
The process of any lighting initiative often takes many years and as such information becomes out of date quickly, pricing changes, product lines get discontinued and legislation and guidelines are ever changing.
Our objective at the NCL Hospital is to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible getting to the route cause and defining the solution in a simple and realistic way, so that the problem can be solved, and documented paving the way for next generation schemes and providing examples for others to benefit from.

spec check
light levels check
compliancy updates
emergency lighting solutions
technology & energy reviews
Lighting refresh – redesign with todays technology
value engineering – design edits to save money
installation drawings – to get it built
Lighting design to reduce costs
lighting refresh to meet budgetary requirements.
sourcing better product
checking optical performance, rephotemetry
smarter installation solutions

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