Designing out waste:
Typically 20-30% of your energy bill is generated by your lighting, so huge savings are possible by addressing the efficiency of your lighting system.
NCL offers analytics to assess the efficiency of your existing system and portfolio of where changes can be made to offer the best return.
With no product sales agenda our findings will simply conclude in the best solution for you and your budget.
Our environment is important to us all so this is an area we all feel strongly about and forms a strong focus within our energy research program staying abreast of any new technology that can make a difference, its affordability and easy of installation.
No matter what the existing scenario there is always a way to make a difference, weather its low tech or high tech, simple daylight harvesting or luminaire replacements, the results will speak for themselves.
Our agenda is to encourage change that will benefit the environment, so key to our approach is to deliver solutions that will be current and relevant to the project timescales, whether for today or at some point in the future.

We will be happy to provide further information and have publications and case studied on the following:

Retail roll outs
Point for point
Daylight harvesting
Control options

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